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Stump Removal

StoneMac Home Improvement Services provides clients all over Kildare, Dublin and Wicklow with the very best in professional tree stump removal.
After a tree is felled the stump is often left. Tree stumps can sometimes spoil the aesthetic of the green area. Tree stumps can also be a breeding ground for fungi and can begin to rot if left for a few seasons. 

Tree stumps can be extremely heavy and their deep roots can make removal particularly challenging. Our team of tree removal experts have specialist equipment to professionally remove tree stumps safely and effectively.

Above and Below Ground Tree Stump Removal

One of the major removal challenges presented by tree stumps is their long roots, which are set deep in the ground. This can make a full removal extremely challenging.
Our team of experienced stump removal experts take into account these long tree roots. Using a variety of cutting and digging machinery, we can disconnect the stump from some of the larger roots, in effect removing the tree stump without uprooting an excessive amount of the garden.
Every tree stump removal is different and as such, we provide a free, fully personalised, no-obligation quote on each unique tree stump removal project.

Stump Removal FAQ